With meticulous attention to detail, the new Gillies Vibe lure combines the realistic soft X-Flex body and the vibration of a hard vibe bait into one. It’s uniquely designed forked tail allows additional vibrations upon retrieval with a seductive, tight wiggling action that mimics a live bait. Gillies Vibe’s are the perfect bait for Barramundi, Snapper and many other species. Fitted with extra strong VMC Spark Point hooks that allow you to target your favourite species with ease. Gillies Vibes are definitely a great all-round lure for both freshwater and saltwater species.

Gillies Vibe

Style: Soft body lure, vibrating action

Length: 95mm / 95mm HD / 115mm HD

Weight: 21gms / 21gms / 34gms


Code Description Barcode
16VT9501 VIBE 95MM 01/HOT PINK 9312961046104
16VT9502 VIBE 95MM 02/WHITE GHOST 9312961046111
16VT9503 VIBE 95MM 03/BLUE SHAD 9312961046128
16VT9504 VIBE 95MM 04/HOT ORANGE 9312961046135
16VT9505 VIBE 95MM 05/NEON TIGER 9312961046142
16VT9506 VIBE 95MM 06/CRYSTAL BLACK 9312961046159
16VT9501HD VIBE HD 95MM 01/HOT PINK 9312961046166
16VT9502HD VIBE HD 95MM 02/WHITE GHOST 9312961046173
16VT9503HD VIBE HD 95MM 03/BLUE SHAD 9312961046180
16VT9504HD VIBE HD 95MM 04/HOT ORANGE 9312961046197
16VT9505HD VIBE HD 95MM 05/NEON TIGER 9312961046203
16VT9506HD VIBE HD 95MM 06/CRYSTAL BLACK 9312961046210
16VT11501HD VIBE HD 115MM 01/HOT PINK 9312961046227
16VT11502HD VIBE HD 115MM 02/WHITE GHOST 9312961046234
16VT11503HD VIBE HD 115MM 03/BLUE SHAD 9312961046241
16VT11504HD VIBE HD 115MM 04/HOT ORANGE 9312961046258
16VT11505HD VIBE HD 115MM 05/NEON TIGER 9312961046265
16VT11506HD VIBE HD 115MM 06/CRYSTAL BLACK 9312961046272




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