The latest addition to the StumpJumper series of lures is the new Mega StumpJumper.

This specialty lure is a serious lure for those chasing fish at specific depths. With the quality of technology evolving with side scan and almost TV quality pictures in sounders this lure allows anglers to hit specific depths with ease and slow troll in the strike zone for longer and better results. A patented removable bib system gives anglers every advantage now rather than relying on the fish to be over active and chasing a lure at a depth that the fish aren’t.

Stumpjumper Mega

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 170mm

Weight: 94gms

Depth: Lure Bib: Float / dives up to 2mt/6ft – Action: Fast running tight

Depth: C Bib shallow: Float / dives up to 4mt/12ft – Action: Wide sway

Depth: A Bib deep: Float / dives up to 6mt/18ft – Action: Wide sway

Depth: B Bib deep: Float / dives up to 10mt/30ft – Action: Wide sway

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