The unique action of the Warlock is achieved through our latest innovation “S.A.P.” or “Sonic Amplifying Panels”. These scalloped panels on the underside of the lures flanks reflect strong vibrations that closely mimic those of a panicked baitfish; causing an instant strike instinct in any nearby predators.

The Warlock 39 is an ideal lure to target Bream, Bass, Flathead, Whiting, Trout and many more.

Available in +1M depth, the Warlock 39 is ideal for both casting and trolling.

Warlock 39

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 39mm

Depth: 1mt/3ft

Weight: 4gms


Code Description Barcode
07WL39P03 WARLOCK 39 +1M P03 BROWN SHRIMP 9312961034316
07WL39P12 WARLOCK 39 +1M P12 BRIGHT KNIGHT 9312961034378
07WL39P13 WARLOCK 39 +1M P13 PINK KNIGHT 9312961034385
07WL39P14 WARLOCK 39 +1M P14 GOLDEN BAIT 9312961034392
07WL39T2 WARLOCK 39 +1M T2 RAINBOW TROUT 9312961034415
07WL39T3 WARLOCK 39 +1M T3 BROOK TROUT 9312961034422



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