R8 Core is focused on maximum versatility and applies new revolutionary R8 material technology through our forward-thinking lens of what we’re seeing out on the water – where one rod needs to show even greater range. At its core, R8 Core traces a direct lineage to Sage’s multi-application / fast action vision, one shaped by the fishing evolutions happening all around us—from habitats we stalk and waters we frequent, to the flies we fish and the diversity of species we now target. Coming in a range from 3wt to 9wt, with a variety of lengths from 8’6″ to 10’0″, there’s sure to be a model to fit the core needs of every freshwater angler.

Product details

10R8390 SAGE R8 ROD 390-4
10R84100 SAGE R8 ROD 4100-4
10R8486 SAGE R8 ROD 486-4
10R8490 SAGE R8 ROD 490-4
10R85101 SAGE R8 ROD 5100-4
10R8586 SAGE R8 ROD 586-4
10R8590 SAGE R8 ROD 590-4
10R8596 SAGE R8 ROD 596-4
10R86101 SAGE R8 ROD 6100-4
10R8690 SAGE R8 ROD 690-4
10R8691 SAGE R8 ROD 691-4
10R8697 SAGE R8 ROD 696-4
10R8790 SAGE R8 ROD 790-4
10R8890 SAGE R8 ROD 890-4
10R8990 SAGE R8 ROD 990-4






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