Bomber’s original Long A design is one of the most effective jerkbaits on the market, and is arguably Australia’s most popular Barra lure of all-time. Available in 4 different sizes to cover a wide variety of applications, as well as 2 deep diving models to get down to those deeper holding fish.

The most popular “all-rounder” is the B15A size – when people talk about the mighty “Gold Bomber”, this is the size that they are referring to. The 13A is perfect for Jacks, Barra, Salmon and Trout and the 14A is a great choice for Barra in billabongs and small creeks, and is also a Mangrove Jack killer! The larger BSW16A & BSW17A sizes are the preferred choice for anglers chasing jumbo, metre-plus Barra in the big saltwater rivers of the top end. They are also extremely effective in the impoundments throughout north Queensland.

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