The Bluewater Trolling lures feature unique hand poured heads, attractive graphics and finish detailing our trade mark Bluewater logo in the eye, supple silicone skirt, quality finish to the resin head and skirt attachment, two different swimming actions, tried and tested fish catching colour combinations.

The 4″,6” and 8” Bluewater lures are considered small to medium in size and ideally would perform better if rigged with a single hook. The 8” version could accommodate a two hook shackle rig, however, if the gauge of the hook is heavy this could dampen the action of the lure. It is recommended that chafe tube is used over the leader through the lure head to avoid abrasion, and a stopper used above the rigging inside the lure skirt to stop the rigging pressing against the head at the point of connection.

Target species: Billfish, Marlin and Sailfish, as well as other pelagic species including Yellowfin, Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel and Dolphinfish.

The Floating and Sinking Stickbait from the Bluewater stable are built tough to take on the most ferocious predators when targeting Bluewater species such as GTs, Tuna and Tarpon etc. The Stickbait is hand made and handcrafted using a super clear resin and features a heavy duty wire through construction.

Trolling Skirts

Style: Bluewater Resin Head/Skirted body –  hi speed trolling

Head Style: Popper or Plunger type

Sizes: 4/”10cm – 6″/15cm – 8″/20cm

Depth: Surface

Weight: various

Colours: 7


HEAD STYLE AND COLOUR 4″  100mm 6″  150mm 8″ 200mm
POP – 01 Chartreuse / Orange Yes No Yes
POP – 02 Lumo Yes No Yes
POP – 03 Blue / Silver / Pink Yes Yes Yes
POP – 04 Pink Yes Yes Yes
POP – 05 Black / Red Yes Yes Yes
POP – 07 Purple / Black Yes Yes Yes
POP – 08 Lumo Green Yes Yes Yes
PLUNGER – 01 Chartreuse / Orange Yes Yes Yes
PLUNGER – 02 Lumo Yes Yes Yes
PLUNGER – 03 Blue / Silver / Pink Yes N/A Yes
PLUNGER – 04 Pink Yes Yes Yes
PLUNGER – 05 Black / Red Yes No No
PLUNGER – 07 Purple / Black Yes Yes Yes
PLUNGER – 08 Lumo Green Yes Yes Yes


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