Despite it’s size, this lure is built tough to handle strong fish such as Barra & Jacks. Will also take Trevally, Tarpon, Flathead, Bass & Yellowbelly. Ideal for casting or trolling.

The Classic 65 is available in 2 models: +3 1mt/6ft and +10 3mt/10ft

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 65mm

Weight: 9gms



Code Description Barcode
02CL6507 CLASSIC 65MM +6/GUNS N ROSES 9313051061397
02CL6512 CLASSIC 65MM +6/MULLET GOLD DAZZLER 9313051061441
02CL6522 CLASSIC 65MM +6/BOBBY DAZZLER SIL/PURP 9313051061540
02CL6527 CLASSIC 65MM +6/BLUE MULLET DAZZLER 9313051063520
02CL6533 CLASSIC 65MM +6/ GOLD NITRO DAZZLER 9313051063582
02CL65D07 CLASSIC 65MM +10/GUNS N ROSES 9313051061618
02CL65D12 CLASSIC 65MM +10/MULLET GOLD DAZZLER 9313051061663
02CL65D22 CLASSIC 65MM +10/BOBBY DAZZLER SIL/PURP 9313051061762
02CL65D27 CLASSIC 65MM +10/BLUE MULLET DAZZLER 9313051063629
02CL65D33 CLASSIC 65MM +10/GOLD NITRO DAZZLER 9313051063681

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