Stumpjumper Sape Bibs

The proven swimming action and unbelievable anti-snag capabilities of the StumpJumper are combined with an exclusive patented snap-lock bib that lets you instantly alter the lures action and characteristics by changing to different shaped bibs. With a choice of hot colours and flashing metalised finishes and subtle patterns, you can change the colours of the bibs to get the attention of the fish. Mix and match lure bibs and bodies in a system that makes StumpJumper the most innovative and effective lures available today.

Bibs sizes available:

SIZE MEGA – C- Shallow / A Deep / B – Super Deep

SIZE 1 – A- Deep / B – Shallow

SIZE 2 – A Deep / B – Shallow

SIZE 3 – A Deep / B – Shallow

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37STB1A STUMPJUMPER BIB SIZE 1A Size 1 8mt/25ft 9312961021323
37STB1B STUMPJUMPER BIB SIZE 1B Size 1 3mt/10ft 9312961021279
37STB2A STUMPJUMPER BIB SIZE 2A Size 2 5mt/15ft 9312961021347
37STB2B STUMPJUMPER BIB SIZE 2B Size 2 3mt/10ft 9312961021293
37STB3A STUMPJUMPER BIB SIZE 3A Size 3 4mt/12ft 9312961021361
37STB3B STUMPJUMPER BIB SIZE 3B Size 3 2mt/6ft 9312961021316
37STMBB STUMPJUMPER MEGA BIB B Size Mega 10mt/30ft 09312961044872
37STMBA STUMPJUMPER MEGA BIB A Size Mega 6mt/18ft 9312961044865
37STMBC STUMPJUMPER MEGA BIB C Size Mega 4mt/12ft 9312961044889

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