The Tasmanian Devil ‘Devil Spoon’ lure offers dual attraction of vibration and flash. As the spoon travels through the water it flutters from side to side and emits a vibration that attracts fish even in cloudy water. The polished under side of the Devil Spoon produces a flash attraction, ideal in clear running water and is a proven trigger for predatory species.


Style: Casting style lure

Size: 9gms / 40mm

Size: 12.5gms / 50mm

Size: 23gms /66mm (NEW)

Colours: 10 colours available, refer to colour chart


Code Description Barcode
18SP1201 SPOON 12.5GM BROWN TROUT 9312961048054
18SP1202 SPOON 12.5GM RAINBOW TROUT UV 9312961048634
18SP1203 SPOON 12.5GM FIRE TIGER UV 9312961048641
18SP1204 SPOON 12.5GM FROG 9312961048658
18SP1205 SPOON 12.5GM THUNDER UV 9312961048665
18SP1206 SPOON 12.5GM GRENADE UV/LUMO 9312961048672
18SP1207 SPOON 12.5GM SPOTTED DOG UV 9312961048689
18SP1208 SPOON 12.5GM LIME FROG UV 9312961048696
18SP1209 SPOON 12.5GM ALLSORTS UV 9312961048702
18SP1210 SPOON 12.5GM PINK PANTHER UV 9312961048757
18SP701 SPOON 9GM BROWN TROUT 9312961047965
18SP702 SPOON 9GM RAINBOW TROUT UV 9312961047972
18SP703 SPOON 9GM FIRE TIGER UV 9312961047989
18SP704 SPOON 9GM FROG 9312961047996
18SP705 SPOON 9GM THUNDER UV 9312961048009
18SP706 SPOON 9GM GRENADE UV/LUMO 9312961048016
18SP707 SPOON 9GM SPOTTED DOG UV 9312961048023
18SP708 SPOON 9GM LIME FROG UV 9312961048030
18SP709 SPOON 9GM ALLSORTS UV 9312961048047
18SP710 SPOON 9GM PINK PANTHER UV 9312961048740


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