The Tasmanian Devil ‘Devil Blade’ features a uniquely designed spinner blade which has been created to match the famous  Tasmanian Devil lure. The blade provides a distinct action as it spins through the water. Custom Tasmanian Devil paint designs that have been created specifically for freshwater species. Each lure is equipped with quality terminal tackle and VMC treble hooks.


Style: Spinning style lure

Size: 20mm

Weight: 3.8gms and 5.4gms

Colours: 10 colours available, refer to colour chart


Code Description Barcode
18BL3801 BLADE 3.8GM BROWN TROUT 9312961047736
18BL3802 BLADE 3.8GM RAINBOW TROUT UV 9312961047743
18BL3803 BLADE 3.8GM FIRE TIGER UV 9312961047750
18BL3804 BLADE 3.8GM FROG 9312961047767
18BL3805 BLADE 3.8GM THUNDER UV 9312961047774
18BL3806 BLADE 3.8GM GRENADE UV/LUMO 9312961047781
18BL3807 BLADE 3.8GM SPOTTED DOG UV 9312961047798
18BL3808 BLADE 3.8GM LIME FROG UV 9312961047804
18BL3809 BLADE 3.8GM ALLSORTS UV 9312961047811
18BL3810 BLADE 3.8GM PINK PANTHER UV 9312961048733
18BL5401 BLADE 5.4GM BROWN TROUT 9312961047828
18BL5402 BLADE 5.4GM RAINBOW TROUT UV 9312961047835
18BL5403 BLADE 5.4GM FIRE TIGER UV 9312961047842
18BL5404 BLADE 5.4GM FROG 9312961047859
18BL5405 BLADE 5.4GM THUNDER UV 9312961047866
18BL5406 BLADE 5.4GM GRENADE UV/LUMO 9312961047873
18BL5407 BLADE 5.4GM SPOTTED DOG UV 9312961047880
18BL5408 BLADE 5.4GM LIME FROG UV 9312961047897
18BL5409 BLADE 5.4GM ALLSORTS UV 9312961047903
18BL5410 BLADE 5.4GM PINK PANTHER UV 9312961048764


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