The unique action of the Warlock is achieved through our latest innovation “S.A.P.” or “Sonic Amplifying Panels”. These scalloped panels on the underside of the lures flanks reflect strong vibrations that closely mimic those of a panicked baitfish; causing an instant strike instinct in any nearby predators.

The Warlock 80 is an absolute killer on Barra, Jacks, Cod, Queenies, Trevally, Fingermark, Coral Trout, Mackerel, Tuna, Kingfish, Mulloway, Flathead, Tailor, Salmon, Bonito and many many more.  Available in +2.5m and +4m depths, the Warlock 80 is ideal for both casting and trolling and built super tough to handle big fish and harsh Aussie conditions.

Warlock 80

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 80mm

Depth: 2.5mts/8ft

Depth: +4 up to 12 feet

Weight: 12gms


Code Description Barcode
07WL8003 WARLOCK 80 +2.5M 03/ELTON 9313051604839
07WL8007 WARLOCK 80 +2.5M 07/GUNS N ROSES 9313051604846
07WL8012 WARLOCK 80 +2.5M 12/GOLD M-DAZZ 9313051604853
07WL8028 WARLOCK 80 +2.5M 28/BLACK M-DAZZ 9313051604884
07WL8033 WARLOCK 80 +2.5M 33/GOLD N-DAZZ 9313051604891
07WL8081 WARLOCK 80 +2.5M 81/CRIMS FLASH 9313051913450
07WL80BT WARLOCK 80 +2.5M BROWN TROUT 9313051914273
07WL80CA WARLOCK 80 +2.5M CARP 9313051914280
07WL80RF WARLOCK 80 +2.5M REDFIN 9313051914297
07WL80RT WARLOCK 80 +2.5M RAINBOW TROUT 9313051914303
07WL80D03 WARLOCK 80 +4M 03/ELTON 9313051604952
07WL80D07 WARLOCK 80 +4M 07/GUNS N ROSES 9313051604969
07WL80D12 WARLOCK 80 +4M 12/GOLD M-DAZZ 9313051604976
07WL80D28 WARLOCK 80 +4M 28/BLACK M-DAZZ 9313051605003
07WL80D33 WARLOCK 80 +4M 33/GOLD N-DAZZ 9313051605010
07WL80D81 WARLOCK 80 +4M 81/CRIMS FLASH 9313051913467


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