The Warlock range of top water Moth lures are uniquely designed and are constructed from tough ABS plastic. Unmatched in attraction and originality, the Moth provides a one-of-a-kind top water presence that fish cannot resist. The Moth is fitted with wings that flap and create a noticeable splash and a unique sound that is proven to trigger aggressive strikes. Designed to mimic a struggling insect on the water surface, the Moth is capable of drawing heart-stopping strikes day or night. Hand painted finishes with extra strong VMC Spark Point hooks that allow you to target your favourite species with ease.


Style: Moth style body lure

Size: 40mm

Action: Surface Walking

Weight: 6gms


Code Description Barcode
07WLM401 WARLOCK MOTH 40MM SUNSET 9312961044803
07WLM402 WARLOCK MOTH 40MM BLACK MAGIC 9312961044810
07WLM403 WARLOCK MOTH 40MM ICE CREAM 9312961044827
07WLM406 WARLOCK MOTH 40MM HONEY MAN 9312961044858
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