The Classic 200 is an up sized version of Australia’s No.1 Barra lure the “Classic 120”.  This Classic 200 lure is the ideal lure for all large predators. Although monster Barra are the prime target of this lure, it is also very effective on Cod, Mackerel, Tuna, Kingfish, Mulloway, and most other large, aggressive saltwater predators. Built super-heavy duty to handle big fish!

The Classic 200 is available in 2 models: +3 1mt/6ft and +10 3mt/10ft

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 200mm

Weight: 85gms

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Code Description Barcode
02CL2007 CLASSIC 200MM +3/GUNS N ROSES 9313051913511
02CL2008 CLASSIC 200MM +3/RED HEAD 9313051913528
02CL2012 CLASSIC 200MM +3/GOLD MULLET DAZZLER 9313051913535
02CL2050 CLASSIC 200MM +3/SPLICE 9313051913542
02CL20G01 CLASSIC 200MM +3/GHOST CASPER 9313051913597
02CL20G02 CLASSIC 200MM +3/GHOST GOLD 9313051913603
02CL20G05 CLASSIC 200MM +3/GHOST BANANAFISH 9313051913610
02CL20G06 CLASSIC 200MM +3/GHOST TIGER LILY 9313051913627
02CL20D07 CLASSIC 200MM +10/GUNS N ROSES 9313051913559
02CL20D08 CLASSIC 200MM +10/RED HEAD 9313051913566
02CL20D12 CLASSIC 200MM +10/GOLD MULLET DAZZLER 9313051913573
02CL20D50 CLASSIC 200MM +10/SPLICE 9313051913580
02CL20GD01 CLASSIC 200MM +10/GHOST CASPER 9313051913634
02CL20GD02 CLASSIC 200MM +10/GHOST GOLD 9313051913641
02CL20GD05 CLASSIC 200MM +10/GHOST BANANAFISH 9313051913658
02CL20GD06 CLASSIC 200MM +10/GHOST TIGER LILY 9313051913665

Tiger Lily

Col GH06

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