The F18 features a unique body shape with defined lateral wings that increase stability and help to create a highly effective action when cast & trolled. Narrow bib design improves casting accuracy.

The Classic F18 is available in 1 model: +8  2.5mt/8ft

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 120mm

Weight: 21gms

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Code Description Barcode
02CLF1802 CLASSIC F18 +8/BLUE 9313051064305
02CLF1803 CLASSIC F18 +8/ELTON 9313051064312
02CLF1807 CLASSIC F18 +8/GUNS N ROSES 9313051064343
02CLF1808 CLASSIC F18 +8/QANTAS 9313051064350
02CLF1809 CLASSIC F18 +8/BANANA FISH 9313051064367
02CLF1812 CLASSIC F18 +8/MULLET GOLD DAZZLER 9313051064381
02CLF1814 CLASSIC F18 +8/ELTON ON CHROME 9313051064398
02CLF1819 CLASSIC F18 +8/BOBBY DAZZLER GOLD 9313051064435
02CLF1822 CLASSIC F18 +8/BOBBY DAZZLER PURPLE 9313051064466
02CLF1824 CLASSIC F18 +8/GOLDEN STREAK 9313051064480
02CLF1827 CLASSIC F18 +8/BLUE MULLET DAZZLER 9313051064503
02CLF1833 CLASSIC F18 +8/GOLD NITRO DAZZLER 9313051064565
02CLF184XG CLASSIC F18 +8/XXXXTREME GOLD 9313051606987
02CLF1850 CLASSIC F18 +8/SPLICE 9313051910558
02CLF1852 CLASSIC F18 +8/YELLOW TERRA 9313051910572
02CLF1853 CLASSIC F18 +8/TEAL WARRIOR 9313051910589
02CLF1854 CLASSIC F18 +8/FLAMING PINK 9313051910596

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