RIO’s Powerflex Trout leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides unsurpassed turn over for effective wind penetration and to easily cast streamers and indicator rigs. Each leader is made with an advanced copolymer material and is designed to help you cast better and fish more effectively.

There are four length options available:
9 ft – 7X (2.74lb) to 0X (15 lb)
12 ft – 7X (2.4 lb) to 0X (15 lb)
15ft –  6X (3.4 lb) to 3X (8.2 lb)
The 7.5 ft, 9ft and 12 ft leaders are also available in a money saving 3-pack option.
Each leader has a hand tied perfection loop in the butt end for fast rigging.
Code Product Name Length Poundage
43R24608 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 7X 2.4LB 9FT 2.4lb
43R24609 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 6X 3.4LB 9FT 3.4lb
43R24610 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 5X 5LB 9FT 5lb
43R24611 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 4X 6.4LB 9FT 6.4lb
43R24612 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 3X 8.2LB 9FT 8.2lb
43R24613 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 2X 10LB 9FT 10lb
43R24614 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 1X 13LB 9FT 13lb
43R24616 RIO POWERFLEX  12′ 7X 2.4LB 12FT 2.4lb
43R24617 RIO POWERFLEX  12′ 6X 3.4LB 12FT 3.4lb
43R24622 RIO POWERFLEX  15′ 6X 3.4LB 15FT 3.4lb
43R24618 RIO POWERFLEX  12′ 5X 5LB 12FT 5lb
43R24619 RIO POWERFLEX 12′ 4X 6.4LB 12FT 6.4lb
43R24620 RIO POWERFLEX 12′ 3X 8.2LB 12FT 8.2lb
43R24623 RIO POWERFLEX 15′ 5X 5LB 15FT 5lb
43R24624 RIO POWERFLEX 15′ 4X 6.4LB 15FT 6.4lb
43R24625 RIO POWERFLEX 15′ 3X 8.2LB 15FT 8.2lb
43R24635 RIO POWERFLEX 9′ 6X 5LB – 3PK 9FT 5lb
43R24636 RIO POWERFLEX  9′ 5X 5LB – 3PK 9FT 5lb
43R24637 RIO POWERFLEX 9′ 4X 6.4LB – 3PK 9FT 6.4lb
43R24638 RIO POWERFLEX 9′ 3X 8.2LB – 3PK 9FT 8.2lb
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