The SNAP-LOC Rod Holder is a unique, one-step, instant strike Rod Holder that’s ideal for general light to medium trolling and bait fishing. It’s versatile and adaptable to any boat or fishing situation. The Universal Rail & Deck Mount Rod Holder offer many different mounting possibilities. When you place the rod, either spin or baitcast, into the holder, it pushes the front lever down and locks the rear lever over the top of the rod butt. The weight of the rod is sufficient to firmly lock the rod, any additional downward weight, even the drag of a sinker or lure locks the rod more securely in place. No amount of downward force can dislodge the rod. To remove it, just frab thew foregrip and lift inboard while striking at the same time in one smooth action.

Suits both spinning reels and overhead reels.


– Foolproof locking device

– Additional security lock fitted

– Most combos can  be locked on foregrip or rear grip

– Clip in insert allows use of very small diameter rod butts

– Overhead reel stays upright

– Heavy duty vertical & horizontal adjustments

– Heavy duty lift & rotate lock gives total flexibility & precise rod direction control

– Rod holder can be quickly removed & fitted to another mount

-Slip resistant universal rail clamp fits 1 1/4″ (32mm), 1″ (26mm), 3/4″ (23mm), & 1″ square (26mm)

– UV, salt & oil resistant

– Stainless steel components

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